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Eliot R. Brown Schematics & Other Art

This thread was created by me (Andy E. Nystrom) on CxPulp on 10-14-2015, 04:38 PM and will be expanded as time permits. While Capes (Optional) material from replies are missing, the core reference post is intact.
Other than perhaps Josef Rubenstein, who inked most or all of the Handbook entries in the 1980s and 1990s run, the artist most linked to the Handbooks is Eliot R. Brown with his maps and equipment schematics. This thread will track all of his art in the Handbooks to the present as his art is likely of particular interest. Other than the first series, clarifications of new or reprint will be noted. Only the Handbooks and Encyclopedias will be covered, not the Files books.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (first series)
Interestingly, in the first series he rarely drew the maps, focusing more on building/vehicle/equipment schematics. Collaborators if any noted for this series but not later series where he was often the artist for the sub-entry only.

  • Attilan, Home of the Inhumans (with Peter Gillis)
  • Avengers Mansion
  • Avengers Quinjet

#2 has no Brown art

  • Daily Bugle
  • Daredevil’s Apartment
  • Doctor Doom’s Castle (Jack Kirby also credited, no doubt the castle itself rather than the schematic)
  • Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum


  • Fantastic Four’s Pogo Plane
  • Fantasticar
  • Fantastic Four Headquarters
  • Guardians of the Galaxy’s Starship Freedom’s Lady


  • Heroes for Hire


  • Kang’s Time Ship
  • Kree (Kree Light Battle Cruiser image his; rest is Keith Pollard’s)
  • K’un-Lun (while Mary Jo Duffy is also credited, she isn’t when the art is reproduced in Update ’89, so she probably only did the non-schematic art)


  • Moon Knight’s Helicopter
  • Moon Knight’s Mansion


  • Project: Pegasus


  • Savage Land and Pangea (with Michael Carlin)

#10 (Note: SHIELD Uniforms uncredited; possibly him??)

  • SHIELD Helicarrier
  • SHIELD Flying Car
  • Spider-Man’s Web Shooters


  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Titan


  • X-Men Mansion
  • X-Men Jet

#13-14 have no Brown art
#15 (entire issue!)

  • Ant-Man’s Helmet
  • Blacklash’s Whip
  • Black Widow’s Sting/Line
  • Book of the Vishanti
  • Captain America’s Motorcycle
  • Captain America’s Shield
  • Cerebro
  • The Darkhold
  • Deathlok’s Gun
  • Deathlok’s Bionic System
  • Doctor Doom’s Armor
  • Doctor Octopus’s Arms
  • Doctor Spectrum’s Power Prism
  • Doctor Strange’s Amulet
  • Dragonfang
  • The Evil Eye
  • Falcon’s Wings
  • Fantastic Four Signal Device
  • Hawkeye’s Skymobile
  • Hawkeye’s Quiver and Bows
  • Hobgoblin’s Bat-Glider
  • Iron Man’s Briefcase
  • Iron Man’s Armor
  • Iron Man’s Helmet
  • Klaw’s Blaster
  • Machine Man’s Robotic Systems
  • Mandarin’s Rings
  • Mockingbird’s Battle-Staves
  • Moon Knight’s Crescent-Darts
  • Moon Knight’s Truncheon
  • Nomad’s Stun-Discs
  • Odin’s Spear
  • Orb of Agamotto
  • Paladin’s Gun
  • Psycho-Man’s Control Box
  • Quasar’s Wrist Bands
    Ringmaster’s Hat
  • Rom’s Armor
  • Rom’s Analyzer
  • Rom’s Neutralizer
  • Rom’s Translator
  • Sentinel
  • SHIELD Guns
  • Silver Surfer’s Surfboard
  • Spider-Man’s Belt-Camera (belt illo from v1 #10)
  • The Ultimate Nullifier
  • Stilt-Man’s Battle Suit
  • Wizard’s Helmet, Power Gloves, and Anti-Grav Discs
  • Wolverine’s Skeleton
  • Wonder-Man’s Jet Belt
  • Wrecker’s Crowbar

(No art on Adamantium and Vibranium entries ; it's not clear if he drew the non-entry Avengers and SHIELD IDs)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (second series – Deluxe Edition)
With this series, Brown is listed as technical illustrator, so certain illos not explicitly credited to him probably his. Where illos from v1 #15 used, the name of the designer/wearer removed.

  • Absorbing Man (new illo of ball and chin probably his)
  • Ant-Man (Ant Man’s Helmet as v1 #15, new illo of Ant-Man’s Gas Cannisters)
  • Arabian Knight (Scimitar illo probably his)
  • Arnim Zola (new ESP Box schematics)
  • Asgard (while only Walt Simonson is credited, Thor: Asgard’s Avenger credits Brown with the Asgard: The Nine Worlds and Asgard: The Continent pages)
  • Atlantis (new map, roughly corresponds to non-Brown map in first series)
  • Attilan (main map basic layout as per v1 #1 but hand lettering replaced with typed lettering, a few new things noted; side view removed, replaced with sectional view and three moon maps including Blue Area of the Moon)
  • Avengers Compound (all new)
  • Avengers Mansion (for the most part basic layout the same as v1 #1 with some rewriting; new diagram for Sub-Basement Level Two)
  • Avengers Quinlet (Main illo enlarged from v1 #1, lines used instead of number keys; another diagram flipped and numbers removed, minor reworking of other illos)


  • Beetle (new schematics of Beetle’s: Helmet, Chestpiece, Gloves, Wings)
  • Beta Ray Bill (new illos of Beta Ray Thor’s Hammer and Skuttlebut probably his)
  • Black Cat (new schematics of Black Cat’s Grappling Hook)
  • Black Knight (new schematics of Black Knight’s Atomic Steed)
  • Blacklash (Blacklash’s Whip as v1 #15)
  • Black Widow (Black Widow’s Line mostly as v1 #15 (a couple lines removed in error; Black Widow’s Bite same as Sting from v1 #15; one minor illo from Black Widow’s Sting/Line removed)
  • Captain America (Captain America’s Shield reworked with a few details removed)
  • Captain America’s Hotline (new)
  • Captain America’s Motorcycle (some changes to “Vital Statistics” section)
  • Captain America’s Van (all new)


  • Cobra (new schematics of Cobra’s Wrist-Shooter)
  • Collector (new illo of Temporal Assimilator probably his)
  • Controller (new illos of Controller’s Control Discs probably his)
  • Crimson Dynamo (new schematics of Crimson Dynamo’s Armor)
  • Cyclops (Cyclops’s Visors as per v1 #15)
  • Daily Bugle (building illo possibly his??)
  • Daredevil (new illo of Daredevil’s Billy Club probably his)
  • Deathlok (Deathlok’s Bionics somewhat reworked from v1 #15 Deathlok’s Bionics System; Deathlok’s Skull unchanged from the latter; Deathlok’s Gun as per v1 #15)
  • Diamondback (new schematics of Diamondback’s Throwing Diamonds)
  • Doctor Doom (Doctor Doom’s Armor unchanged from v1#15; Jetpack split off from the latter but otherwise unchanged)
  • Doctor Doom’s Castle (hand lettering from v1 #3 now typed, catacombs note removed)
  • Doctor Octopus (Doctor Octopus’s Arms one heading removed, two small diagrams removed from v1 #15)


  • Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange’s Amulet as per v1 #15)
  • Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (basically as per v1 #3)
  • Dreadknight (new illo of Dreadknight’s Lance probably his)
  • Dreadnought (new schematics of Dreadnought’s Weapons Systems)
  • Elektra (new illo of Elektra’s Sai probably his)
  • Falcon (Falcon’s Wings as per v1 #15)
  • Firelord [new illo of Firelord’s Staff (Unlit probably his]
  • Foolkiller (new illo of Foolkiller’s “Purification Gun” probably his)
  • Forge (new schematics of Forge’s Neutralizer)
  • Nick Fury (new schematics of Nick Fury’s Handgun)


  • Ghost Rider (new illo of Ghost Rider’s Six-Shooter probably his)
  • Guardsman (new schematics of Guardsman’s Armor)
  • Hawkeye (Hawkeye’s Bow had more detailed notes added to v1 #15 illos; Hawkeye’s Quiver a few changes from v1 #15, most notably one diagram removed)
  • Hawkeye’s Sky-Cycle (basically same diagrams as Hawkeye’s Skymobile from v1 #15)
  • Hobgoblin (new schematics of Goblin-Grenade, Throwing Bat, Glove-Blaster, Pumpkin Bomb)
  • Hobgoblin’s Bat-Glider (as per v1 #15 with some revisions to “Vital Statistics”)


  • Hydro-Base (all new)
  • Iron Man (new schematics of Iron Man’s Armor; not to be confused with below)
  • Iron Man II (Iron Man’s Briefcase as per v1 #15; Iron Man II’s Armor as per body shot in v1 #15’s Iron Man’s Armor; other illos from the latter entry omitted; no carry-over for Iron Man’s Helmet entry)
  • Jack O’Lantern (new schematics of Jack O’Lantern’s Hovercraft)
  • Kang (Kang’s Time-Ship illos as per v1 #6)


  • Killer Shrike (new schematics of Killer Shrike’s Wrist-Blaster)
  • Klaw (Klaw’s Hand-Blaster as per v1 #15’s Klaw’s Blaster minus one minor illo)
  • Kraven the Hunter (new schematics of Kraven’s Lion’s Head Vest)
  • Lemuria (all new)
  • Machine Man (v1 #15’s Machine Man’s Robotic Systems split into Machine Man’s: Robotic System, Head, Arm but otherwise more or less the same)


  • Mandarin (untitled schematics same as v1 #15’s Mandarin’s Rings entry)
  • Manhattan (new map replaces the one from v1#7; locations more or less correspond to the old map but new detail added)
  • Massachusetts Academy (all new)
  • Mockingbird (Mockingbird’s Battle-Staves as per v1 #15)


  • Moon Knight (new illo of Moon Knight’s Weapons probably his; schematics from v1 #7 & 15 omitted)
  • Nomad (Nomad’s Stun-Discs pretty much as per v1 #15)

#10 (note: since Walt Simonson drew the Asgard map in v2 #1 and the main figure in Pluto’s entry, I’m assuming he not Brown drew the map of Hades in the Pluto entry)

  • Paladin (Paladin’s Stun-Gun illo from v1 #15 included but schematics omitted)
  • Project: Pegasus (Above Ground Facilities schematics from v1 #8 unchanged; other schematics by Tom Morgan, not Brown)
  • Psycho-Man (one untitled illo is the Psycho-Man’s Control Box illo from v1 #15
  • Quasar (Quantum Bands illo same as Quasar’s Wrist-Bands illo from v1 #15; schematics removed)
  • Red Ronin (new untitled schematics of the armour)


  • Ringmaster (Ringmaster’s Hat mostly same as v1 #15)
  • Rom (for Rom’s Weapons, the illos but not the schematics for Rom’s: Analyzer, Neutralizer, and Translator carried over; the latter never had schematics; Rom’s Armor not carried over)
  • Savage Land Mutates (hard to tell how much is Brown’s, but while heavily altered, the basic map designs for Savage Land and Pangea is close to the original Brown/Carlin maps)
  • Scorpion (new Scorpion’s Tail schematics)
  • Sentinels (untitled schematics as per Sentinel in v1 #15, with “Vital Statistics” text removed)
  • Serpent Society Headquarters (all new)
  • Shaper of Worlds (new illo of Cosmic Cube possibly his)
  • SHIELD Uniforms (uniforms from v1 #10 unaltered, very possibly his art; one gun illo only and a few notes from v1 #15’s SHIELD Guns)\
  • SHIELD Flying Car (schematics from v1 #10 enlarged, with Vital Statistics added)


  • Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer’s Surfboard illo same as v1 #15)
  • Sons of the Tiger (untitled illo of Jade Tiger possibly his???)
  • Spider-Man (Spider-Man’s Camera as per v1 #15’s Spider-Man Belt-Camera with redundant belt illo omitted; Spider-Man’s Web-Shooter as per v1 #10’s Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, complete with belt illo; circles removed from illos)
  • Squadron Supreme (new Squadron City schematics)
  • Stane International (new schematics: Long Island Plant)
  • Stilt-Man (Stilt-Man’s Stilts as per v1 #15’s Stilt-Man’s Battle Suit)
  • Stingray (new schematics of Stingray’s Glider-Wings)


  • Taskmaster (untitled weapons illos possibly his)
  • Thor (Thor’s Uru Hammer Mjolnir illo as per main illo in v1 #11’s Thor’s Hammer; smaller illo omitted)
  • Titan (map as per v1 #11 but lines that connected the text to the image omitted in error)
  • Titanium Man (new schematics of Titanium Man’s Battle Armor)
  • Trapster (new schematics of Trapster’s Paste-Gun and Trapster’s Paste-Shooters)


  • Unicorn (new schematics of Unicorn’s Helmet)
  • Valkyrie (Valykrie’s Sword Dragonfang reverses the image from v1 #15’s Dragonfang)
  • Vanguard (new illos of Vanguard’s Hammer and Sickle probably his)
  • The Vault (all new)
  • Wakanda (main and Central Wakanda maps new, though the latter closely follows Rick Parker’s map; text more or less corresponds to locations on McGregor’s main map and Parker’s Central Wakanda map)
  • Whirlwind (new schematics of Whirlwind’s Wrist Blades)
  • Wizard (Wizard’s: Anti-Grav, Power-Gloves, and Anti-Grav Discs schematics as per v1 #15, with one disc illo omitted)


  • Wonder Man (new schematics for Wonder Man’s Jetpack; v1 #15’s schematics for Wonder Man’s Jet-Belt omitted)
  • Wrecker (Wrecker’s Crowbar illos but not the schematics from v1 #15)
  • Wundagore (Wundagore and Environs map possibly his???)
  • Cerebro (schematics from v1 #15)
  • X-Men Jet (lines replace number keys but otherwise as per v1 #12)
  • X-Men Mansion (first page maps unaltered from v1 #12; second page schematics redrawn and split into two pages)

#16-20 have no Brown art; while a few illos in #20’s Vampires entries vaguely resemble his art, he is not given a technical credit in that issue)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (third series – Update ‘89)
#1-2 have no Brown art

  • Four Freedoms Plaza (all new)

#4 (while Iron Man has untitled armour schematics, they don’t look like his art)

  • K’un-Lun (art as per v1 #6, with hand-written captions replaced with typed; one caption omitted, possibly in error)

#5 has no Brown art.

  • Savage Land (all new maps replace earlier versions

#7-8 have no Brown art.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (fourth series – Master Edition)
#1-36 have no Brown art.
Marvel Encyclopedia
#1 has no Brown art.
#2: inconclusive; Xavier Mansion art looks like his style but differs from previous X-Men Mansion illos and is uncredited. Blackbird schematics also look like Brown’s but differ from X-Men Jet entries; a credit suggests that Blackbird specs were by Kia Asamiya, though that art credit could refer to the art at the top of the page.
#3 has no profiles.
#4: Web-Shooters (new schematics either his or Mike Fichera’s; can anyone determine?)

  • Punisher’s Van (from Punisher Armory #1)


  • Four Freedoms Plaza (heavily cropped version of v3 #3 illo; no schematics)

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: ____ 2004
X-Men, Spider-Man have no Brown art.

  • Avengers Mansion (all Brown art as per v2 #1, much of it in turn based on v1 #1)
  • Quinjets (main image same as v1 #1’s Avengers Quinjet; as per v2 #1 there are lines, but the attached text has been retyped; 3 images omitted; one flipped and new text)

Hulk, Daredevil have no Brown art.

  • Wolverine (untitled skeleton schematics from v1 #15’s Wolverine’s Skeleton, though the left side of the body image replaced with Sean Chen art)

Book of the Dead, Golden Age have no Brown art.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: ____ 2005
None of these 12 (including two Ultimate Marvel Universe) have any Brown art, nor does New Avengers: Most Wanted Files, published in the same year.
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z
#1-10 have no Brown art.

  • Ultimate Nullifier (art from v1 #15, recoloured and caption removed)

#12, Update #1-4 have no Brown art.
Marvel Legacy: The _____ Handbook
Published concurrently with All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z
1960s, 1970s have no Brown art (Brown art not permitted due to the rules these books were playing by).

  • Fantastic Four (Four Freedoms Plaza main image as per v3 #3 main image; other images not carried over)

1990s has no Brown art.
Other 2007 Handbooks, except Marvel Atlas
Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook

  • Kraven the Hunter (schematics of Kraven’s Lion’s Head Vest from Deluxe #7’s Kraven the Hunter: Kraven’s Lion’s Head Vest)
  • Spider-Man Update (new schematics: Stark Industries’ Skunk Works Spider-Man Armored Fighting Suit V1.1)

Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic

  • Swords of Sorcerous Might (untitled Dragonfang image partly obscured by sword art from David Sexton and Carlos Pachecho
  • Talismans of Mystic Power (Orb of Agamotto, Evil Eye, the Darkhold; all art from v1 #15, uncredited and recoloured)

Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files

  • Iron Man (new schematics: Iron Man Bio/ Metalo-Mimetic Suit Series Mk III)
  • Olympians (new untitled map of Olympus)
  • Stark Tower (new schematics: Stark Tower Complex and Sentry Watchtower Structure)

World War Hulk: Gamma Files has no Brown art.
Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities

  • Darkhold (art recoloured from v1 #15)

X-Men: Messiah Complex – Mutant Files has no Brown art.
Marvel Atlas:
All: new map showing location and flag unless noted

  • World Map
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Belgrium
  • Carnelia
  • Carpasia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece (also new map: Olympia, Ipeiros Range, Greece)
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latveria (also new map: Latveria: Doomstadt, capital city and seat of the Kingdom of EDr. Victor von Doom)
  • Morvania
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Rumekistan
  • Slorenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Symkaria
  • Transia (also new map: The Citadel of Scice of Mount Wundagore, Transian Mountain Range, Transia)
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom (also new map: Muir Isle)
  • Vorozheika
  • Afghanistan
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Japan (also new map: Monster Island, Soya Kaikyo (La Parouse Strait), Sea of Okhotsk, Northern Pacific Ocean)
  • Korea
  • Madripoor
  • Russia (also new map: Polaria, Pechora Basin, near Kara City, Western Siberia, Russia)
  • Sin-Cong
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Lemuria
  • Lemuria (Deviant) (also new map: Deviant Lemuria, Near the Kermadec Trench, near the Southwest Pacific Islands)
  • Providence


  • Canada (also new map: Omega Flight Headquarters, Ottawa, Ontario Province, Canada)
  • Mexico
  • United States of America (also new maps: Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut; Gamma Base, near Beatty, Nevada; Manhattan)
  • Boca Caliente
  • Cuba
  • Haiti
  • Costa Salvador
  • Costa Verde
  • Delvadia
  • Santo Rico
  • Terra Verde
  • Argentina
  • Bastrona
  • Bolivia
  • Bosqueverde
  • Brazil
  • Estrella
  • Medisuela
  • Peru
  • San Diablo
  • San Gusto
  • Sano Marco
  • Tierra Verde
  • Venezuela
  • Algeria
  • Azania
  • Burunda
  • Canaan
  • Congo
  • Egypt
  • Genosha
  • Halwan
  • Imaya
  • Kenya
  • Mbangawi
  • Narobia
  • Rudyarda
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Wakanda (also new map: Kingdom of Wakanda, Equatorial East Africa)
  • Aqiria
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Mazikhandar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Trans-Sabal
  • The Aerie (Sky Island) (art is map of island with flag, not geographic location, which is mobile)
  • Atlantis (from Deluxe #1; also new Atlantis map; flag is with the new map)
  • Savage Land (just the flag; also new map: The Savage Land, Pangea)

2008-2009 Handbooks, except Marvel Atlas and the hardcovers
Listing these before the hardcovers, which began in 2008, as the hardcovers reprint material from these.
Ultimate Secrets has no Brown art.
All-New Iron Manual

  • Guardsmen (schematics from Deluxe #5’s Guardman art: Guardman’s Armor but title removed)
  • Iron Man (new schematics: Stark Notes/Suit Design History/Drawing Collection Annotations; Iron Man Bio/ Metalo-Mimetic Suit Series Mk III schematics from Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files)
  • SHIELD Helicarrier (the Organizational Diagram, now Figure B, from the v1 #10 entry)
  • Stark Industries (new map)

Marvel Your Universe Saga

  • Wakanda (maps: geographic location with flag; Kingdom of Wakanda, Equatorial East Africa from Marvel Atlas #2)

Spider-Man: Brand New Day Yearbook, Wolverine: Weapon X Files, Marvel Pets Handbook have no Brown art.
Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica

  • Otherworld (new map)

Marvel Mystery Handbook has no Brown art.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcovers/softcovers

  • Adamantium (untitled skeleton schematics from v1 #15’s Wolverine’s Skeleton, though the left side of the body image replaced with Sean Chen art; combo first used in Wolverine 2004’s Wolverine entry)
  • Avengers Headquarters & Vehicles (top image of Avengers Mansion is a cropped/recoloured version of an image from v1 #1’s Avengers Mansion entry, with the adjacent building added in Deluxe #1; Avengers Compound art is cropped from an image in Deluxe #1’s Avengers Compound entry; Avengers Park image appears to be new; Latham SkyCycle image originally seen in v1 #15’s Hawkeye’s Skymobile entry, though it’s been reformatted as per Deluxe #5’s Hawkeye’s Sky-Cycle entry; the two Traduitional Quinjet diagrams cam e from v1 #1’s Avengers Quinjet entry, only the smaller image uses changes seen in the Deluxe #1 image, and image has been reversed)
  • Update Appendix (softcover only) (uncredited Atlantis flag came from the Atlantis map in Marvel Atlas #2)


  • Cerebra/Cerebro (Cerebro Model X-OH15 Schematics, as the name implies, came from v1 #15’s Cerebro entry)


  • Cyclops (Cyclops’ Visor schematics came from v3#15’s Cyclops’s (sic) Visor entry
  • Daily Bugle (one of the exterior images- with caption removed- and the logo from v1 #3’s Daily Bugle entry)
  • Daredevil (Daredevil’s Billy Club from v1 #4’s Daredevil’s Billy Club entry)
  • Darkhold (one image from v1 #15’s Darkhold entry, with Marvel Zombies recolouring)
  • Deathlok (Manning) (Deathlok’s Original Bionics uses the art originally from v1 #15’s Deathlok’s Bionic System and modified in Deluxe #3’s Deathlok: Deathlok’s Bionics; Deathlok’s Skull unchanged from v1 #15’s Deathlok’s Bionic System entry; Deathlok’s Gun as per v1 #15’s Deathlok’s Gun entry)
  • Doctor Octopus (Tentacle Attachment Girdle and Doctor Octopus’ Arms from illos in v1 #15’s Doctor Octopus’s (sic) Arms entry; as per Deluxe, a couple images not carried over)
  • D.P.7 (Clinic for Paranormal Research image from D.P.7 #20’s Clinic for Paranormal Research entry)

#4 has no Brown art.

  • Guardsmen (schematics from Deluxe #5’s Guardman art: Guardman’s Armor but title removed)
  • Hobgoblin (schematics of Goblin-Grenade, Throwing Bat, Glove-Blaster, Pumpkin Bomb as per Deluxe #5; Hobgoblin’s Bat-Glider (as per v1 #15 with Deluxe #15 revisions)
  • Hulkbusters (Gamma Base near Beatty Nevada as per Marvel  Atlas #2’s United States of America entry)
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark) (Iron Man Bio/ Metalo-Mimetic Suit Series Mk III schematics from Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files)


  • John Jameson (Freedom’s Flight schematics from unpublished(?) Captain America’s Jet Freedom Flight entry; full entry and story behind it found here: http://www.eliotrbrown.com/wp/captian-americas-jet-story.html)
  • Kang (Kang’s Time Ship art modified including recolouring from v1 #6’s Kang’s Time Ship)
  • Killer Shrike (Killer Shrike’s Wrist-Blaster from Deluxe #7’s Killer Shrike: Killer Shrike’s Wrist-Blaster)
  • Kraven the Hunter (schematics of Kraven’s Lion’s Head Vest from Deluxe #7’s Kraven the Hunter: Kraven’s Lion’s Head Vest)
  • Kree (Kree Light Battle Cruiser image art modified including recolouring from v1 #6’s Kree entry)
  • Madripoor (geographic location map and flag from Marvel Atlas #1; area map mappers to be new)


  • Mandarin (untitled schematics same as v1 #15’s Mandarin’s Rings entry)
  • Moon Knight (Moon Knight’s Crescent-Darts from v21 #15’s Moon Knight’s Crescent-Darts entry; Moon Knight’s Truncheon from 1 #15’s Moon Knight’s Truncheon entry)


  • Olympians (untitled map of Olympus slightly recoloured from Mighty Avengers book)
  • Omega Flight (Canadian Government Team) (Omega Flight Headquarters, Ottawa, Ontario Province, Canada map from Marvel Atlas #2’s Canada entry)
  • Paladin (Paladin’s Gun recoloured from v1 #15’s Paladin’s Gun entry)


  • Punisher (Punisher’s Battle Van from Punisher Armory #1’s Punisher Van entry)
  • Quasar (Quantum Bands art from v1 #15’s Quasar’s Wrist Bands; one illo not carried cover)
  • Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider’s Web-Shooters art appears new; does not match any previous Spider-Man’s web-shooters art)


  • Savage Land (map from Marvel Atlas #2’s Savage Land entry; only one map carried over; Flag of the Savage Land uncredited but also his from same entry)
  • SHIELD Helicarrier (the Organizational Diagram rom the v1 #10 entry, now Figure B as per All-New Iron Manual)


  • Spider-Man (Web-Shooter art, if his and not Mike Fichera’s, recaptioned from Marvel Encyclopedia #4’s Web-Shooters entry; Spider-Man’s Web-Fluid Cartridge and Web-Shooter Spinneret as per v1 #10’s Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, complete with belt illo; circles removed from illos; Equipment Belt and Mask, if his, possibly new; Stark Industries’ Skunk Works Spider-Man Armored Fighting Suit V1.1 art as per Spider-Man: Back in Black)
  • Squadron Supreme (Squadron City Plan as per Deluxe #12’s Squadron Supreme: Squadron City)
  • Stark Industries (Long Island planet as per Deluxe #12’s Stane International: Long Island Plant)
  • Stark Tower (Stark Tower Complex and Sentry Watchtower Structure from Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted)
  • Stingray (Stingray’s Glider-Wings from Deluxe #12’s Stingray: Stingray’s Glider-Wings)
  • Taskmaster (Taskmaster’s Primary Weapons art reworked from Deluxe #13’s Taskmaster: Taskmaster’s Weapons)


  • Ultimate Nullifier (art recoloured from v1 #15’s Ultimate Nullifier entry)
  • Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)  (Dragonfang art from v1 #15’s Dragonfang entry)
  • Venom (Scorpion’s 1st Tail schematics from Deluxe #11’s Scorpion: Scorpion’s Tail)
  • Vishanti (Orb of Agamotto art from v1 #15’s Orb of Agamotto entry)


  • Wizard (Wizard’s: Anti-Grav, Power-Gloves, and Anti-Grav Discs schematics as per v1 #15, with one disc illo omitted; uses the green bkacground added in Deluxe #13’s Wizard entry)
  • Wolverine (untitled skeleton schematics from v1 #15’s Wolverine’s Skeleton, though the left side of the body image replaced with Sean Chen art; combo first used in Wolverine 2004’s Wolverine entry)
  • Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters art cropped from v1 #12’s X-Men Mansion entry; the second illo from the former also included but modified; the following illos appear new: Underground Transportation System, Cutaway of Grounds Beneath Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Hangars Monorail, Morlock Tunnel Analysis)


  • Netherlands (while not credited, the new map and flag likely his)
  • Otherworld (map from Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica)

2010-2016 Handbooks, other than the hardcovers or Guidebooks
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #1

  • K’un-Lun (from v1 #6)

Deadpool Corps: Rank & Foul has no Brown art.
Iron Manual Mark 3

  • Dreadnought (Dreadnought’s Weapons Systems from Deluxe #4’s Dreadnought: Dreadnought’s Weapons Systems)

Avengers Assemble!, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #2, X-Men: Phoenix Force Handbook, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #3-4, Spider-Man Saga, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #5, Blockbusters of the Marvel Universe have no Brown art
Thor: Asgard’s Avenger

  • Asgard (Asgard: The Nine Worlds and Asgard: The Continent pages from Deluxe #1’s Asgard entry; originally the entry was just attributed to Walt Simonson, but the Brown attribution here seems accurate)

X-Men: Earth’s Mutant Heroes, Captain America: America’s Avenger, Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear, FF: 50 Fantastic Years, Vampires: The Marvel Undead have no Brown art.
Defenders: Strange Heroes

  • Doctor Spectrum (the larger of the two Krimonn illos from v1 #15’s Doctor Spectrum’s Power Prism)
  • Evil Eye (has one of the two illos from the v1 #15 entry)

Avengers Roll Call

  • Agamotto (Orb of Agamotto art from v1 #15’s Orb of Agamotto entry)
  • Hawkeye’s Weaponry (Standard Bows art from v1 #15’s Hawkeye’s Quiver and Bows, with the blue background from Deluxe #5’s Hawkeye: Hawkeye’s Bows; Hawkeye’s Quiver schematics from Deluxe #5’s Hawkeye: Hawkeye’s Quiver)

Avengers Now! Handbook, Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse, All-New All Different Marvel Universe have no Brown art.
Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Marvel’s____
Iron Man has no Brown art
Incredible Hulk/Iron Man 2

  • Iron Man Armors Update (Iron Man’s Briefcase from v1 #15’s Iron Man’s Briefcase)

Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Iron Man 3/Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Thor: The Dark World, Agents of SHIELD Season One, Guardians of the Galaxy have no Brown art.
Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Avengers Headquarters (art cropped from an illo in v1 #1’s Avengers Mansion)

Agents of SHIELD Season Two/Agent Carter Season One, Agents of SHIELD Season Three/Agent Carter Season Two, Captain America: Civil War have no Brown art
Doctor Strange

  • Sanctums (art cropped from v1 #3’s Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum)

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Re: Eliot R. Brown Schematics & Other Art

Remaining historical text from CxPulp
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Updated to Deluxe #3.
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#1 [I don’t have a copy of this volume; can anyone check?]

There's nothing by him in it.
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Thank you, David.

Updated to the 2004 run.
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