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2/21/2021 9:31 am  #1

Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

The longest running UK comic, the Beano, celebrated its 80th Anniversary a couple of years ago, and did a poster to commemorate the occasion, showcasing a relatively small selection of the characters who have graced its pages over the decades. So for my next challenge, let's see how many we can identify. 

Everyone here has appeared in the Beano; most have starred in their own series, though some are major villains or supporting cast in someone else's strip. Some may have originated in comics that later merged into the Beano, but if so those characters then appeared in the Beano too - in other words, this time you can restrict your searches to a single comic, albeit one with over 4000 issues and literally hundreds of strips. 

Because I didn't really want to try and number every single character in this picture, I'm experimenting with a different way of distinguishing who is who - I've placed a grid over the image, and will take grid references. If more than one person appears in a given square, add a brief descriptor. As ever, a linked image of the character being identified taken from somewhere other than this group shot is appreciated. For those who are across multiple squares, I'm only after the one where the head of the character appears; for the ones who managed to be bisected by a grid line, clarify as you feel best fits. I don't know everyone in the image myself, so we might well hit a point where this has to go dormant rather than completed. 

So far:

A4 Skanky Pigeon
A5 Ping the Elastic Man
A7 Sergeant Slipper
A10 Cuthbert Cringeworthy
B3 Little Larry
B5 Des Pretend
B6 Olive Sprat (Bash Street School dinner lady), Les Pretend, Doubting Thomas
B7 Swanky Lanky Liz
B8 Fatty of the Bash Street Kids
B10 Sidney of the Bash Street Kids
C2 McHaggis
C3 Jimmy and his Magic Patch
C5 Chief O'Reilly, Jonah, Mum Pretend
C3 Bertie Blenkinsop, Spotty Perkins
C4 Penny Gray, Danny Gray and the Iron Fish
C6 Vic Volcano, Rosie
C7 Lord Snooty, Scrapper Smith
C8 Chiefy (Little Plum's dad)
C9 Toots of the Bash Street Kids & Little Plum
C10 Smiffy and Spotty of the Bash Street Kids
D3 Betty and the Yeti
D5 Chandra Singh
D6 Katie the Cat, Big Fat Joe, Sleepy Ed
D7 Alfie Whizz
D9 Tricky Dicky
D10 Danny of the Bash Street Kids
E1 Jack Flash
E3 Tin-Can Tommy, Maurice the Muscle (Bananaman foe)
E4 Rasher
E5 Ball Boy, Benjy
E6 Billy the Cat
F2 McHaggis
E7 Dad Whiz, Mum Whiz
E8 Teacher (Bash Street Kids), Porky (Nibblers foe)
E9 Rubi von Screwtop
E10 Erbert of the Bash Street Kids
E12 Scratch (Nibblers)
F2 Dodgecat
F3 Rembrandt, Eddie the Gent, Fingers (all Bananaman foes), Richard the Lion, Nanny and Danny, Tommy King
F4 Baby Face Finlayson
F5 Aunt Matilda (Lord Snooty)
F6 Gran, Dad (both Number 13 Beano Street), Alfred Dawson (Roger the Dodger's father)
F7 Felicity Dawson (Roger the Dodger's mother)
F8 Plug, Bash Street Kids
F9 Jemima Jones
F10 Whiskers (Nibblers foe)
F11 Gordonzola, Sniffler ( (Nibblers)
F12 Scritch (Nibblers)
G1 Maw, Jacky Daw and Paw
G3 Fiendish (Number 13 Beano Street)
G4 Prune (Belles of St. Lemons)
G5 Tiddles (Number 13 Beano Street), Tom, Dick and Sally
G6 Frankie, Mum (both Number 13 Beano Street)
G7 George Makepeace (Minnie the Minx's dad), Vicki Makepeace (Minnie's mother), Boris (Number 13 Beano Street)
G9 Curly
G11 Cheddar Gorge (Nibblers)
H2 Appleman
H3 2-Gun Tony, Weatherman, Dizzi (Belles of St. Lemons)
H4 Dumpling (Belles of St. Lemons)
H5 Holly Wood, Jinx, Blondie
H6 Pug of Pups' Parade
H7 Wiggy, Sniffy of Pups' Parade
H8 Manfrid of Pups' Parade, Dennis Menace (Sr?; father of current Dennis, and 1980s Menace)
H9 Pie-Face
H10 Sweet Sue
H11 Enor Mouse, Chiseller, His Nibs  (Nibblers)
I3 Doctor Gloom, Witchy Woman, Auntie (all Bananaman foes)
I4 Chief Jock McTickle
I5 Bananagirl (Super School), Super School teacher
I6 Invisible Isobel (Super School); Tubby of Pups' Parade
I7 Spotty/Blotty, Peeps of Pups' Parade, Sandra Menace
I8 Bones, 'Enry of Pups' Parade
I9 Dennis the Menace
J3 McHaggis
J4 Tubby Tam McTickle
J5 Waterboy, Super School
J6 Stinkbomb, Safari Sam, both Super School
J7 Meebo and Zuky
J7 Ugly Jack Bacteria
J8 Iris the Virus, Dave (Roger the Dodger's friend)
J11 Gnipper
K2 Bananaman
K3 General Blight (Bananaman foe), King Zorg
K4 Cooky McTickle, Karate Sid
K5 Foo-Foo, Walter the Softy's dog, the Wee McTickles
K6 Johnny Bean
K7 Ill Will, Jeremy Germ, Angel Face
K8 Walter the Softy
K9 Roger the Dodger
K11 Gnasher
L2 Crow (Bananaman's pal)
L4 Murdo McTickle, Angus (Lord Snooty's pet stag), Mo and Jo Fix-It
L7 Big Eggo, Pa Bear (Three Bears), Jenny (Angel Face's pal)
L8 Teddy Bear, Three Bears
L9 Minnie the Minx
L11 Chester, Minnie's cat
M4 Bea the Mini Menace, Wee Ben Nevis
M5 Jimmy (Punch and Jimmy)
M6 Fred of Fred's Bed
M7 Ma Bear, Three Bears, Fatty Fudge (probably)
M8 Soppy Susan 
M10 Calamity James
N1 Mrs. Fear, Mrs. Fear's spider
N2 Freddie Fear (Son of a Witch)
N3 Billie Whizz
N4 Tim Traveller
N5 Punch (Punch and Jimmy), Ivy the Terrible, Gordon Gnome
N6 Mr. De Testa, Mr Heddington (probably)
N7 Sheriff "Marsh" Mallow, Cactus Gulch vulture (uncertain)
N8 Buster (Biffo's pal)
N11 Alexander Lemming
N12 Squelchies
O3 Gran Menace
O4 Pansy Potter, Zoo Ella
O5 Ivy the Terrible's mum and dad
O6 Carol Creecher robot (Dennis' teacher)
O7 Janitor, Bash Street Kids
O8 Biffo the Bear
P2 McHaggis
P3 Johnny on the Hop (probably), Ug Oggy (from Constable Caveman), Chewie Suarez
P4 Morgyn the Mighty
P5 Colonel Crackpot, Prince Whoopee, Cruncher Kerr
P6 Wilbur Brown (Beanotown Mayor), Agent Q (Dangerous Dan's handler)
P7 Sienna (Dangerous Dan's sister), Darlene (Dangerous Dan's mother)
P9 Winston, Bash Street school cat (Bash Street Kids)
P10 Billy Whizz
P11 Keef, Rod Rodent (Ratz)
P12 Herman Vermin (Ratz)
Q3 Kanary, Bantersaurus Rex
Q4 Kat, Ernest Valentine and Daisy, the Colonel
Q6 Butch Butcher
Q7 Dangerous Dan
Q8 Numskulls (left to right: Snitch, Blinky, Cruncher, Brainy, Radar)
Q9 Edd Case (host body for the Numskulls), Lenny the Lettuce
Q10 Joe King
Q11 Rasta Rat, Ratti Patti (Ratz)

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2/21/2021 10:36 am  #2

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

The only character I recognize is I9, Dennis the Menace.

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2/21/2021 11:34 am  #3

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

Andy E. Nystrom wrote:

The only character I recognize is I9, Dennis the Menace.

Dennis is correct. 

Given that this is a British title, which means that for almost anyone outside the UK virtually everyone is obscure, I'm fine with people hunting online for help identifying the characters. The only places I'd ask people to avoid would be sites/forums where others are checking out the image and might be identifying the characters themselves.

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2/22/2021 1:46 pm  #4

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

K11 Gnasher


2/22/2021 1:49 pm  #5

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

L9 Minnie the Minx


2/22/2021 1:52 pm  #6

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

K8 Walter the Softy


2/22/2021 1:53 pm  #7

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

O8 Biffo the Bear


2/22/2021 1:55 pm  #8

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

K9 Roger the Dodger


2/22/2021 1:57 pm  #9

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

P10 Billy Whizz


2/22/2021 1:59 pm  #10

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

D10 Danny


2/22/2021 2:01 pm  #11

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

C10 Smiffy


2/22/2021 2:02 pm  #12

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

C9 Toots


2/22/2021 2:04 pm  #13

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

B 10 Sidney


2/22/2021 2:05 pm  #14

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

C10 Spotty


2/22/2021 2:07 pm  #15

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

E8 Teacher


2/22/2021 2:08 pm  #16

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

E10 Erbert


2/22/2021 2:09 pm  #17

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

J11 Gnipper


2/22/2021 2:11 pm  #18

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

M10 Calamity James



2/22/2021 2:12 pm  #19

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

G9 Curly


2/22/2021 2:15 pm  #20

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

H9 Pie-Face


2/22/2021 2:17 pm  #21

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

C7 Lord Snooty


2/22/2021 2:19 pm  #22

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

C9 Little Plum


2/22/2021 2:21 pm  #23

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

L7 Big Eggo


2/22/2021 2:22 pm  #24

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

K2 Bananaman


2/22/2021 2:25 pm  #25

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

J7 Meebo


2/22/2021 2:26 pm  #26

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

J7 Zuky (no relation)


2/22/2021 2:30 pm  #27

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

N11 Alexander Lemming


2/22/2021 2:32 pm  #28

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

A7 Sergeant Slipper


2/22/2021 2:35 pm  #29

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

P9 Winston


2/22/2021 2:40 pm  #30

Re: Gotta catch 'em all #27 - Beanotown

E1 Jack Flash


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