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Individual Official Marvel Handbook, Guidebook, and Files Book Discussion » Handbook announcement - X of Swords Handbook » Today 9:06 am

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RVcousin wrote:

I have a question for a potential update and that could answer almost every other questions : are all the mutants fighting alongside Jean in X of Swords Destruction, full X-Men members ?

If anyone has the authority to confer X-Men status Jean and Scott should be able to and Jean says "to me my X-Men." So i would assume there X-Men until confirmed not.

Gotta catch 'em all » Gotta catch 'em all challenge #19 Independent Live Superheroes/Quasi-S » Today 9:03 am

Those are correct. Catman is a particularly bizarre case. Basically footage of him and his foes was intercut with a couple of Asian (Thai?) movies, one in Lethal Track, one in Boxer's Blow. The Asian material (which comprises the bulk of each movie) appears to have nothing at all to do with the Catman material. I don't know if Catman was intended to be a standalone movie at some point, or if the footage was always intended to be spliced into the Asian material to try to sell it. Regardless, the editors make no real attempt to make the Catman material and the Asian material look like they were shot for the same movie. On YouTube you can find attempts to do edits with just the Catman material, with one brave person even trying to edit the Catman material from both movies into a cohesive chronological order. So they've bad movies, but bad in a rather interesting way.

Only three left, two of whom are from the same movie!

Gotta catch 'em all » Gotta catch 'em all challenge #19 Independent Live Superheroes/Quasi-S » Today 8:33 am

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431 Furie, The Crusaders #357: Experiment in Evil

Gotta catch 'em all » Gotta catch 'em all challenge #19 Independent Live Superheroes/Quasi-S » Today 6:56 am

The final clues!

14 and 50 are a pair, the lead characters of one movie. What's another word for a pair? Both of their two word code names begin with the letter B, and for one of them the second word in their code name also begins with the letter B; their code names aren't part of the movie's title. The movie was intended to show the characters not at their best (and succeeded because I stopped watching mid way). Using the trailer I found on IMDB to rrefresh my memory, it appears they were intended to either be or be preceived as ambiguously gay.
110 is from the same children's show as a number of other characters already found; not the series' main character; the other characters found were puppets but he's a real boy
127 is a main character but under his alter ego. Like Super Grover, Captain Pureheart, etc his alter ego is a lot more notable than his superhero identity; alter ego is the titular character of a children's show. His alter ego was a mayor; he was so popular in real life that the city most of the shows were based out of has a statue of him as well as part of a street named after him.
233's insignia is a major clue; titular character in two movies, but it's debatable whether he's the main character or even met the main characters. Aside from minor differences such as the presence or absence of a hyphen, at least three comic characters on both sides of the law have the same codename
431: I'm trying to avoid having things spoiled for myself (her movie sounds interesting) so I'm being careful what I know about her, but she's not the only super-character in her movie; movie title has a number sign and a colon in it, in that order; she's the lead character but not part of the title. According to the start of the imdb description, "A battered wife leaves her husband to become a super hero..."

Television and Movies » They didn't think that through (TV and movie edition) » Today 4:55 am

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Similar to the thread in the comics section, but for TV and movies.

I learned today of the German release of the 1940s Captain America serial on DVD when someone posted its front and back covers online. The back cover was particularly interesting:
Note the string of black and white images under the main text. Most of these are publicity stills from the serial - I've seen them all before. But the one on the far left is different. I guess they felt they didn't have enough shots of Cap in costume, so they decided to photoshop a new one. Cap himself looks like he actually Chris Evans from Captain America: The First Avenger in his USO costume:

But who is he hanging out with? Given Cap's relaxed, conversational post, it must be a good buddy of his I guess.

Well, wonder no more, because here's the image Cap has been photoshopped into:
It's the SS commander Heinrich Himmler, on a tour of a SS prison camp...

Talk about the worst possible choice of photo to add Cap to.

Comics » Comics Announced But Never Materialized » Today 4:32 am

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1990, various titles from Now Comics advertised a new series, Neon Knight, which afaik never materialized.
It was listed as a subscription option:
and solicited for release in July 1990, where we also learned who the writers and artists were to be:
However, while the other titles listed did all get released, to the best my knowledge Neon Knight never was - it's not listed on comics.org. comicvine, milehighcomics, mycomicshop or any other comic listings or back issue sales sites that I can find (and if I'm wrong, please tell me, as I'd like to get hold of a copy).

Despite whatever behind the scenes problems prevented it from being released, it was still it seems planned to eventually be released as late as 1993, when the same advert art was reused for a Now Comics trading card:

Comics » Comics Announced But Never Materialized » Today 4:16 am

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1993, Marvel UK commissioned a new adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, to be written by Tim Quinn and illustrated by Mario Capaldi. Sadly it was dropped after only a few pages had been pencilled:

Comics » Comics Announced But Never Materialized » Yesterday 5:50 pm

There's also Micacleman: the Silver Age #3, while not technically cancelled, had been delayed for years. There was art drawn for it back during the Eclipse run. The first 4 pages were shown in Kimota! The Miracleman Companion

I don't know if the 1963 Annual would count.

And of course, there are the books announced by Dreamwave https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Unreleased_Dreamwave_issues and Crossgen.

Gotta catch 'em all » Collages - Coming Up » Yesterday 5:38 pm

Updated the above. For DC Animated, so far the cut-off is 2006. I know some people here are fans of Brave and the Bold so I *could* include that here, but check the current tallies, particularly the villains before you say yes or no to including that, which would mean I'd also be adding other material from the same timeframe (and yes there were some "not really that evil" villains I actually rejected). I would be open to covering the newer material at a later date regardless.

Comics » Comics Announced But Never Materialized » Yesterday 4:23 pm

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Sidney Osinga wrote:

Do mini series that were cancelled before they were finished count? If so, then you can add All Winners Squad: Band of Brothers #s 5-8 (which make have been marketed) and Sonic Disruptors #s 8-12.

I think they probably should have their own thread, as though they are in a similar vein, they were at least partially published. I'd also allow that same thread to include details where known for issues of ongoing series that were ultimately never published - e.g. we know some details of intended issues for many of the Marvel UK series from the mid-90s that got abruptly cancelled.

Comics » Comics Announced But Never Materialized » Yesterday 3:47 pm

Do mini series that were cancelled before they were finished count? If so, then you can add All Winners Squad: Band of Brothers #s 5-8 (which make have been marketed) and Sonic Disruptors #s 8-12.

Individual Official Marvel Handbook, Guidebook, and Files Book Discussion » Handbook announcement - X of Swords Handbook » Yesterday 2:07 pm

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RVcousin wrote:

Hello guys,
About the memberships :
1) Lucid is in, as an honorary member, and I'm very happy for that, but why is she officially a member and not Fiz, Deadpool and Energizer, also "honorary members" ?

Belatedly. Can I ask what stories/issues you feel they were conferred honorary memberships in? It's tricky to confirm someone has never been offered membership, as you have to check every appearance they've ever had. Checking the specific issues that someone feels membership was conferred is a lot easier, and allows us to evaluate. 

In Deadpool's case, I know (because I just checked) that the Deadpool Wiki for example claims in their X-Men entry that Wade was made an honorary member after the events of Deadpool (2010)#16-18; however, that story actually shows the exact opposite:
And before anyone says that this was all being done for a news cameraman's benefit, Wade was in on that and playing for the camera, but Cyclops wasn't.

RVcousin wrote:

6) About Fantomex & EVA, I am agree with you, but apparently the SHIELD isn't according to SHIELD (2014) #1, where Agent Coulson lists the former members of the X-Men and mention Fantomex & EVA.

SHIELD doesn't know everything, and it's fair to say that to outside observers Fantomex hung out with the X-Men often enough that they might mistake him for being a member. 

General Information/Discussion on Official Marvel Works » The Official Handbooks General Q&A Thread » Yesterday 10:43 am

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Pinball_Lizard wrote:

In honor of King in Black, here's a new question.

Marvel has a whole lot of cosmic beings representing entropy, the death of the universe, and stuff like that. Oblivion, the Rot, the Hunger, Mikaboshi, the Griever, Black Winter, and the one at center stage right now, Knull. That's probably not even all of them. This is obviously because this is simply a cool occupation for a "superboss" character to have, but it's become a running joke among fans that there's almost inexplicably so many of these evil gods with basically identical functions.

Is there any canonical connection between all of them? I recall an issue a few years back that implied Oblivion and Mikaboshi are on some level the same being, but are we to take that as true for all of them?

I'm not personally aware of any confirmed link between them, any more than the various death gods are directly linked to Death, but I've asked the other handbook writers just in case.

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