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11/02/2021 4:56 pm  #151

Re: Things people keep getting wrong (Round 2) redux

Another error - not common in as much as few people discuss the character, but common where the character is discussed.

Wrong: Andre Mexer from Wolverine Saudade is a telekinetic.
Truth: He used some kind of hallucinatory psychic attack which caused victims to feel like gravity was inverted and the world was bending around them. 

If you want proof, examine him attacking Wolverine:

Notice that in alternating panels we see Wolverine's perspective, with everything flying around, and then the perspective of everyone else, where Wolverine is just lying on the ground flailing around. And it's not that he's come back to the ground in the second panel, because we see in the fifth panel that he still sees Mexer and his friends as floating in the air. 

Additionally, after the fact Wolverine describes it as a psionic attack, and complains of a headache, something more likely to come from a telepathic attack than a telekinetic one. 

Before anyone says "but the Jean Grey School trainee Hindsight said Mexer had telekinetic powers." that is the writer of the issue making the same common misreading that so many do, the source of this perpetuated error. And in universe Hindsight simply has it wrong - he's never seen Mexer use his powers, and is going off what's he's heard. 


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