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1/06/2020 6:08 am  #1

Imaginary OHOTMU: Spider Women thread.

Historical text from CxPulp:
05-24-2014, 04:07 AM
A few weeks ago, this idea hit me. We've seen three hand-books devoted to Spider-Man's corner of the MU, plus the entries in the Brand New Day Yearbook, the Spider-Man Saga, and the Through the Decades TPB, as well as lots of Spider-Man-related entries in the A-Z books. But there are a quite a few female characters who are spider-themed (and Spider-themed) who could fill up a handbook all of their. So, taking a page from the X-Men: Phoenix Force Handbook, I thought, "Why not give a bunch of spider-themed females a handbook where they get not one- or two-page updates, but fully updated entries, as well as including some of their friends, foes, and families as well?"

There are some I didn't include. Characters like the Charlotte Witter Spider-Woman who, as far as I know, hasn't appeared since she last was covered. Same for Yelena Belova or Claire Voyant -- they might qualify as Black Widows, but have they appeared since they were last covered (in the Hardcover series and the Seventy Years of Marvel Women Handbook trade paperback, respectively)? There might be a dozen one-off spider-themed female villains from the Golden Age, but I didn't want to clog up the roster (or, really, spend who knows how long looking them up). And while there have been some female characters bonded with various Symbiotes, and Symbiotes are part of the larger Spider-Verse, I didn't want to equate Symbiotes with "spider-themed," so no Scream, She-Venom, or Venom from Earth X. (Natasha Romanova, I feel, is better served with the Avengers corner, thanks to the movie.)

So here's a proposed roster for OHOTMU: Spider Women:

Angel Face (MC2)
Arachne (Olympus Group)
Arachne (Yaqua)
Black Tarantula (MC2)
Canis (MC2)
Rachel Carpenter
Gilberto Corazon
Daddy Longlegs
Jonathan Drew
Courtney Duran (MC2)
Enforcer (Delazny)
Flesh & Bones
Funny Face (MC2)
Jerry Hunt
David Ishima
Davida Kirby (MC2)
Madame Web (Webb)
Madame Web (Carpenter)
Lindsey McCabe
Scotty McDowell
Mister Nobody (MC2)
Normie Osborn (MC2)
Peter & Mary Jane Parker (MC2)
Push (MC2)
Queen (Soria)
Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy, MC2)
Sisterhood of the Wasp
Spider Queen
Spider-Girl (Corazon)
Spider-Girl (MC2)
Spider-Girl (2020 A.D.)
Spider-Man (Gerry Drew [son of Jessica Drew], MC2)
Spider-Woman (Drew)
Spider-Woman (Franklin)
Tarantula (Jacinda Rodriguez)
Tarantula (Vasquez)
Tsyrani race
Turner D. Century

Any suggestions?
Eduardo M.
05-24-2014, 09:03 AM
The Heroes for Hire Tarantula has appeared since her last Handbook entry so she can have an updated entry
05-27-2014, 11:01 PM
I didn't know that. Thanks. So, we include her (maybe enough for a full page?). And here's a question: Do we include the Spider-Woman from the Ultimate Comics line, or do we follow tradition and keep the Ultimate characters separate from the rest of the "mainstream" characters?
Eduardo M.
05-28-2014, 08:25 AM
I'd say keep the Ultimate Stuff separate

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