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4/08/2020 11:39 am  #1

The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe (DK)

In 2019 DK released a hardcover encyclopedia called The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe, written by Stephen "Win" Wiacek. In contrast to former DK encyclopedias is this book not just another profile book, but it centers around the structure of the Marvel Multiverse/Omniverse with information about the Marvel Universe's timeline, various cosmos incarnations, worlds and dimensions. Such Marvel concepts are supported by visuals to explain their structures.

The book is built up in chapters with different themes, such as "A Multiverse of Marvels", "War and Peace", "Magic and the Supernatural", each chapter contain profiles of characters and items belonging to that specific theme. For example: Henry Pym has a profile under Super-Science and Technological Wonders. Some characters has even two profiles, each in a different thema. For example: Henry Pym has also a profile as Ant-Man (together with Wasp) in the War and Peace chapter. The first chapter is the Introduction which tells the history of Marvel Comics (including an inset about the Bullpen). Each chapter starts with a 2-page introduction about the theme.

Each profile has an unique title, while its subtitle is often the name of the subject. Furthermore, each profile contains a "On the Record" column (with data such as real name, allegiances, base, powers, mission (or purpose), status report), a few pictures of the subject and a quote of the character (or about the item). Larger profiles also contain insets (usuallly with info and pics about a related subject) and/or maps, timelines or blueprints of items, powers, etc.

Here's the list which all profiles, including number of pages and the inset profiles (IN) (which are usually about 1/3 or 1/2 page long, or one inset contains multiple profiles). If a profile doesn't cover one subject in particular, but instead a collection of subjects, I listed the profile under its title or subtitle within quotation marks.
I also listed the timelines, blueprints (for the lack of a better word describing these visuals) and maps.

"A Multiverse of Marvels" introduction: 2
Abstract Beings: 2
Adamantine: IN
Adamantium: IN
“Age of Marvels” (Invaders, All-Winners Squad, etc): 2
“Agents of Freedom” (Freedom’s Five, Mystery Men, etc): 1
Ai Apaec/Decipitator: IN
Alpha Flight: IN
“Alternate Worlds and Divergent Timelines” introduction: 2
Anti-Venom: IN
Apocalypse: IN
Asgardians: 2
Avengers: 4
Black Knight(s): 1
Black Order: IN
Black Panther: 2
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff): 2
Black Widow (Yelena Belova): IN
Blade: 1
Blue Marvel: 1
Bridge (Alternate Reality Viewer): IN
Brotherhood of the Shield: IN
Bucky/Winter Soldier: 1
Bullseye and other killers for hire: 2
Cable: 1
Cage, Luke: 2
Captain America (Isaiah Bradley): IN
Captain America (Steve Rogers): 2 x 2
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers): 2
“Chemical Exposure” (Lizard, Cloak & Dagger, etc): 2
Civil War: 2
“Cold War Warriors” (Mandarin, Albert Malik, etc): 1
Corruptor: IN
Cosmic Cube: IN
“Cosmic Forces and Space Adventures” introduction: 2
Crew: IN
“Cursed Objects” (Ruby of Cyttorak, etc): IN
Cyclops: IN
Damage Control: 1
Daredevil: 2
Daughters of the Dragon: 1
Deadpool: 2
Death: 2
Deathlok the Demolisher: 1
Doctor Doom: 2 (incl. IN)
Doctor Strange: 2
Doctor Voodoo and other magic wielders: 1
Dormammu: 1
Drax the Destroyer: 1
Elders of the Universe: 2
Electro: IN
Elektra: 1
Eon: IN
Epidurium: IN
Eternals and Deviants: 1
Exiles: 1
Eyes of Agamotto: IN
Falcon: 1
Fantastic Four: 2
“Forward Thinking” (Mastermind Excello, etc): IN
Fury, Nick: 2
Galactus: 2
Galactus' Heralds: IN
Gamora: 1
Ghost Rider(s): 1
Ghost-Spider (Earth-65): IN
“Gifts of the Gods” (Mjolnir, Axe of Angarruumus, etc): 2
Glob: IN
“Going Straight” (Black Cat, Nighthawk, etc): IN
Grey Gargoyle: IN
Grey, Jean: 1
Groot: 1
Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691): 1
Gwenpool: 1
Hawkeye (Clint Barton): 2
Hela: IN
Hell's Kitchen: IN
Hellstrom, Daimon and Satana: 1
Hercules: IN
High Evolutionary: 1
Hogan, Happy: IN
Howling Commandos: IN
Hulk (Bruce Banner): 2
Human Torch (Jim Hammond): IN
Hydra: 2
Hyperion: IN
Illuminati: 2
Immortus: IN
Impossible Man: IN
Infinity Gauntlet: 2
Infinity Watch: IN
Inhumans and NuHumans: 1
"Instellar Avengers": IN
Interdimensional Council of Reeds: IN
Iron Fist: 1
Iron Lad: IN
Iron Man (Tony Stark): 2
Jackal: 1
Jameson, J. Jonah: IN
Jones, Jessica: 2
“Junior Crusaders” (Champions, Runaways, etc): 2
“Junkyard Geniuses (Stingray, Spider-Kid, etc): IN
Kang the Conqueror: 2
Kid Immortus: IN
Killraven: 1
Kingpin: 2
Kree: 1
Lady Spider (Earth-803): IN
Legion of Monsters: 1
Life Model Decoys: IN
Loki: 2
“Mad Scientists and Criminal Minds” (Doctor Octopus, Intelligencia, etc): 2
Madame Web: IN
Maestro: IN
“Magic and the Supernatural” introduction: 2
Magneto: 2
Mar-Vell and other Captain Marvels: 2
Marvel Boy and the Agents of Atlas: 1
Masters of Evil: IN
“Mechanical Marvels” (Machine Man, Jocasta, etc): 1
Mephisto: 1
Mercs for Money: IN
Mighty Destroyer (Keen Marlow): IN
“Mirror Universes” (House of M, Earth X, etc): 2
Molecule Man: 1
Moon Knight: 1
“More Than Human” (Eternal Brain, Silvermane, etc): 1
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): IN
Multiverse/Seventh Cosmos: 2
Namor the Sub-Mariner: 2
Negative Zone IN
New Warriors: IN
Nova and the Nova Corps: 2
“Nuclear Reactions” (Leader, Abomination, etc): 1
“Old West Heroes” (Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid, etc): 1
Olympians and other Gods: 2
Osborn, Norman: 2
Oshiras: 2
Otherworld: 1
Pet Avengers: IN
Prime Earth (Earth-616): 2
Punisher: 1
Purple Man: IN
Pym, Henry: 2 x 2 (as Henry Pym, and as Ant-Man with Wasp (incl. IN))
Quicksilver: IN
Rama-Tut: IN
Red Skull: 2
Richards, Nathaniel: IN
Rocket Raccoon: 1
Sandman: IN
Savage Land: 2
Scarlet Centurion: IN
Scarlet Spiders (Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker): 1
Scarlet Witch: 2
Secret Empire (event): IN
Sentry: 1
“Shades of Death” (Pluto, Seth, etc): IN
Shang-Chi: 1
She-Hulk: 1
S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2
S.H.I.E.L.D. technology: 2
Shuri: IN
Silk: IN
Silver Surfer: 1
Skrulls: 1
Soul Gem: IN
“Space Champions and Challengers” (Captain Universe, Man on the Wall, etc): 2
“Space Invaders” (Fin Fang Foom, etc): 2
Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon): IN
Spider-Ham (Earth-8311): IN
Spiderling (Earth-18119): IN
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and other Spider-heroes: 2
Spider-Man (Peter Parker): 2
Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara): 2 x IN
Spider-Queen: IN
Spider-Verse: 2
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew): 2
Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter): IN
Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin): IN
Spider-Woman (May "Mayday" Parker) (Earth-982): IN
Spinneret (Earth-18119): IN
Squirrel Girl and other unlikely heroes: 2
Stark Unlimited: 1
Star-Lord: 2
Stick, Shadowmasters and other noble ninjas: IN
Storm: 1
“Super Hero Teams”: 2
“Super Heroes”: 2 (incl. IN)
“Super Villain Team-Ups”: IN
Supernovas: IN
“Super-Science and Technological Wonders” introduction: 2
Terrigen: IN
“Terror Incognito” (Cat People, Moloids, etc): 1
Thanos: 2
Thor (Jane Foster): IN
Thor (Odinson): 2
“Thought Leaders” (Nadia van Dyne, Nikola Tesla, etc): 2
Thunderbolts: IN
Time Runs Out: 1
“Titanic team-ups”: 2
Ultimates: 1
Ultron: 2
“Uncanny Detectives” (Ferret, Dakota North, etc): IN
Uru: IN
Venom: 2
Vibranium and other exotic elements: 2
Vishanti and other seekers of mystic might: 1
Vision: 2
"War and Peace" introduction: 2
Warlock, Adam: 1
Wasp: 2 (incl. IN) (with Ant-Man)
Weirdworld and otherworldly realms: 2
Watchers: 2 (incl. IN)
“Whiz Kids” (Future Foundation, G.I.R.L., etc): 2
Wolverine: 2
X-23: IN
X-Men: 2
Zombiverse: 1
“A Multiverse of Marvels” (First to Eighth Cosmos)
“Alternate Worlds and Divergent Timelines”
Civil War
“Cosmic Forces and Space Adventures”
“Super-Science and Technological Wonders”
“War and Peace”
Xandar (incident rapport)
Earth adjacent and dimensionally distant mystic realms
Multiversal “ground zero”
Savage Land
Ten Realms
Captain America’s shields
Daredevil’s super-senses
Hawkeye’s top trick arrows
Infinity Gauntlet
Iron Man armors
Mandarin’s Rings
Pym Particles
“Pyramid of Power” (Abstact Beings)
RT (Repulsor Technology)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Star-Lord’s spacesuit
Ultron incarnations
Vision’s body

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4/09/2020 3:29 pm  #2

Re: The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe (DK)

I completed the whole list. I hope you like it!

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4/10/2020 11:48 am  #3

Re: The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe (DK)

I had already posted the contents of that book, although not in alphabetical order.
One of the more fun DK books, although sadly with its usual share of errors.


4/10/2020 12:32 pm  #4

Re: The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe (DK)

I'm sorry David, I hadn't seen your post of this book. DK books do indeed some errors, although the errors in The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe aren't that much.

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4/10/2020 4:55 pm  #5

Re: The Marvel Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe (DK)

A lot of these sorts of things are covered in the Non-Marvel thread, but I don't mind if anything from that thread gets expanded on/discussed in a separate thread. One advantage of having a separate sub-section is it allows material like this to "breathe". I've done something similar with some of the RPG stuff. A suggestion would be to search that thread first, but if you have anything to add beyond what's already in that thread, by all means flesh it out in a separate thread. If you think it can generate discussion it's good enough of a reason to give it its own thread.

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