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5/21/2022 2:19 pm  #1

Challenge: Make Your Own Imaginary Conan Handbook

In case anyone hasn't heard, Marvel's current license to publish Conan as part of the Marvel Universe will end in July (https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/marvel-conan-the-barbarian-rights-leaving-publisher/), thus probably dashing any hopes of a new, modern Handbook entry for everyone's favorite Hyborian-era barbarian.  There's a veritable wealth of Marvel Conan comics to draw from, from Marvel's first era as Conan's publisher (the 1970's-1990's) to the soon-to-end current one, so here's my challenge to my fellow Handbook fans.  Assemble your own table of contents for your own Imaginary Conan Handbook.  From Conan's allies, family, and friends to the women he's wooed; the monsters and demons he's faced; the enemies that have felt his wrath; and the wizards and sorcerers that have both helped and hindered him.  Limit your entries to somewhere between 15 (the current handbook style) and 40 (the previous, and mostly preferred, style), and hopefully have some fun!


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