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1/30/2020 9:15 am  #1

New Challenge for 2020: Imaginary "Year of Choice" Handbook

I don't usually create these sorts of threads myself, but this one's been nagging at me so...

Pick a year of Marvel publications and choose profiles that are notable for that year.

1. Cover year or release year are both okay but pick one 12-month range. EXCEPT:
2. You can opt to play it safe and choose profiles that are notable for cases where the cover and release date match. You just can't include someone only notable in cover date January 1985 and someone else notable only in release date December 1985 because that would span beyond 12 months.
3. Grade on a curve: what might be a notable year for Frog-Man might only get one line in a 12-page Spider-Man entry even if all of Frog-Man's notable appearances in a year were with Spider-Man.
4. For characters who only appeared as part of a team in a year, they should have done something notable themselves. If they proposed to a teammate, betrayed a teammate, made a major tactical decision that worked/failed, they count. If all they did was play follow the leader, profile the group instead.
5. For now stick to comics
6. Must take place in the Marvel Multiverse, or at least there must be nothing to contradict them being in the Marvel Multiverse. So romance comics published by Marvel okay, but Hanna-Barbera comics not.
7. Must be published by Marvel, but it doesn't matter what Marvel was called at the time. So anything Marvel Comics #1-on counts.

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