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5/05/2021 7:48 am  #1

Trading Cards

This thread is for trading cards that contain reference-type material (bio, stats, etc.).


5/05/2021 7:54 am  #2

Re: Trading Cards

Heroes Reborn 10-Pack Trading Cards
1. Hyperion (Squadron Supreme of America)
2. Thor
3. Doctor Spectrum (Squadron Supreme of America​)
4. Blade
5. Mephisto
6. Power Princess (Squadron Supreme of America​)
7. Nighthawk (Squadron Supreme of America​)
8. Captain America
9. Blur
The tenth (unnumbered) card just promotes the event.

These are a promotional giveaway released on May 5, 2021 in conjunction with Marvel's Heroes Reborn event (not to be confused with the 1990s event of the same name). 

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