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11 59 Site News
by zuckyd1

MAIN SECTION: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and Similar Works

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Individual Official Marvel Handbook, Guidebook, and Files Book Discussion

Discussion of individual issues of Official Marvel reference works (other than indices), be they from a real world perspective or the perspective of fictional characters, covering characters, teams, items, events, and the like. includes hardcover and softcover collections of same.
243 257 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Omnibus Vol. 1
by Andy E. Nystrom

Raw Data on Official Marvel Works

Statistical information regarding Marvel Handbooks, Guidebooks, Files Books, Indices, Saga Books and the like. Where to find particular profiles and similar data.
29 1,053 Poster/Pin-Up Type Entries
by zuckyd1

General Information/Discussion on Official Marvel Works

If it relates to official Marvel works but doesn't easily fit anywhere else, it goes here.
48 680 The Official Handbooks General Q&A Thread
by Sidney Osinga

Individual Official Marvel Indices Discussion

Discussion of individual issues of Official Marvel indices, covering issues of other Marvel titles. Includes trades.
45 2 Amazing Spider-Man: Official Index to the Marvel Universe GN-TPB
by Loki

Imaginary Threads and Wish Lists

Focusses on official material that people would like to see but hasn't been covered or which is in need of an update.
59 374 The Imaginary A-Z Handbook Entry Game! Fun for the whole family!
by skippcomet

Reference Works that are Non-Marvel/Not Officially Marvel

Includes works about Marvel that are published elsewhere (thus not official), works about other universes including DC, and multi-company discussion. Also works published by Marvel but which involve characters, etc. who are not known to exist in the Marvel Multiverse.
23 778 Non-Marvel Handbooks
by zuckyd1

Other Pop Culture Discussion (Comics, TV, Movies, Etc.)

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Sub-forums: Homage Covers
40 1,270 Marvel stories produced outside the U.S.A.
by Loki
27 811 TV Shows Cancelled Way Too Soon
by Sidney Osinga

Thrilling Locations - All Media

Discussion of interesting fictional locations. Sub-forums to be added as the need arises.
22 8 Radiator Springs
by Andy E. Nystrom

Gotta catch 'em all

Looks at crowds of characters (main post) but mostly is for games of identifying characters in such crowds. Can be from any visual media.
65 17,792 Collages - Coming Up
by Andy E. Nystrom

Omniverse threads

Examines the interconnectiveness of characters and worlds from various realities and the extent to which they share a specific reality.
6 122 Omniverse - clearing something up
by zuckyd1

Anything Else Pop Culture Related

Catch-all for anything not covered above. Can be a single medium that isn't comics, TV, or movies, or posts that cover multiple media, potentially including the above.
74 809 Things People Don't Keep Getting Wrong - Non-Marvel
by Loki

Shooting the Breeze (Anything Else You Want to Talk About)

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5 7 Link Exchange
by Andy E. Nystrom

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